The A.L.F. Strikes Again. Collected Writings Of The Animal Liberation Front In North America


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From the intro: “The largest-ever collection of writings from the Animal Liberation Front At over 700 pages, this is the definitive look inside the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.). The A.L.F. Strikes Again is the largest-ever collection of writing from members of the Animal Liberation Front (the “radical fringe of the animal rights movement”), tying together over 40 years of documents and writings with one goal: A complete collection of everything written by the A.L.F. in North America. The Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) intervenes where mainstream animal rights groups have failed. The A.L.F. breaks into buildings, rescues animals, and destroys property of animal abusers. They work outside the law, and, unless caught, their identities are never known. With few blindspots, this book compiles nearly everything written by the North American A.L.F. – Settling the score on what the A.L.F. is, what they believe, and exactly how they do what they do. Forty years into the A.L.F.’s history in North America, despite over 1,000 actions, being the subject of multiple congressional hearings, and surviving the label of “America’s number one domestic terrorist threat”—their history has been largely untold. Academics, journalists, internal opposition and external opposition—many have taken small shots at the full story. Among it all, the A.L.F.’s voice in its own history is the one pushed furthest to the back. In being the saviors of the voiceless, one also becomes the voiceless. In this collection, the A.L.F.’s voice is restored. Regarded by many as heroes today, yet regarded by nearly all as heroes tomorrow—this book will play a role in history vindicating the Animal Liberation Front.”

Part One: How It Was Done – The A.L.F. gives step-by-step accounts of some of their most spectacular animal liberations, including: The University Of Arizona (1,200 animals rescued, 1989) University of California – Harbor (12 dogs rescued, 1983) College Of Notre Dame (250 mice rescued, 2000) …and a dozen more Part Two: Interviews – Rare tell-all interviews with the Animal Liberation Front, including activists behind raids such as: The University of Pennsylvania (labs broken into and vivisection footage removed, 1984) Texas Tech University (Five cats rescued, 1989) University of Alberta (29 cats rescued, 1992) …and ten more.

Part Three: Essays – From anonymous bulletins for the A.L.F. to communicate between cells, to overt calls to action, to prison writings – it’s all here. Among them: “A.L.F. Bulletin To All Fur Farm Raiders” (message from an A.L.F. cell on optimizing fur farm liberations) “Life Underground” (Anonymous A.L.F. member on the necessity of going underground for animal liberation) “Fire Is A Good Tool” (Activist behind rescue of 46 dogs from a California lab on regrets over not burning the lab down) …and over 15 more.

Part Four: Communiques – Over 150 anonymous statements released after A.L.F. actions, among them: University Of Oregon (264 animals rescued, 1986) University Of Minnesota (116 animals rescued, 1999) United Feeds (fur farm feed supplier burned down, 1999) …and over 150 more.

Part Five: How To Guides – Literal manuals on carrying out Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) actions – large to small, including: An Animal Liberation Primer (introductory manual to basic sabotage techniques) How To Sink Whalers (how to sink ships that kill animals) The Final Nail (step-by-step guides to raiding fur farms) …and more.

Resumen en esp.: Esta es la historia definitiva del Frente de Liberación Animal (A.L.F.), según lo contado por aquellos que lo hicieron. La A.L.F. Strikes Again es la mayor colección de escritos de miembros del Frente de Liberación Animal (la «franja radical del movimiento por los derechos de los animales»), que une más de 40 años de documentos con un objetivo: una colección completa de todo lo escrito por la A.L.F. en América del Norte. Desde entrevistas anónimas con los activistas detrás del rescate de 1.200 animales de la Universidad de Arizona, hasta guías prácticas sobre el hundimiento de barcos balleneros, hasta piezas de «cómo se hizo» sobre el cierre de una granja de pieles de Iowa, todo está aquí.